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Victims of Identity Theft

Fraudsters today are very sophisticated. They find ways to hack in to bank accounts, credit cards, online payment services, and lines of credit. They can open fraudulent accounts in your name, causing harm to your credit when the fraudster never pays.

Victimized consumers often times spend months fighting with creditors and trying to undo the damage, and that’s where Hussin Law comes in, and we can help you through the process of clearing your name. Many times, an identity theft victim refuses to pay the fraudulent charge, but the creditor for whatever reason does not believe the consumer, and then turns the fraudulent account over to a collection agency and/or reports the debt on the consumer’s credit reports.

Luckily, California has strong consumer laws to protect victims of identity theft, and Hussin Law is here to help. We represent consumers who are victims of identity theft who are harassed by lenders, banks, credit card companies and debt collectors for payment of the fraudulent charges. If you or a loved one has suffered identity theft in California and is still being pursued by a creditor or debt collector, call today for a free consultation.

Hussin Law will help you report the fraudulent activity to the appropriate creditor, and then the creditors and debt collectors are required to investigate any claim of fraudulent activity. Once proper notice is given, if the creditor or debt collector still pursues the victim for payment of fraudulent charges, Hussin Law can bring an action against the creditor or debt collector to establish that you are a victim of identity theft in connection with those charges, and we will fight to obtain damages and other relief against the creditor for their collection activities.

In any such lawsuit, documentation is extremely important. In addition to the police report, the plaintiff should maintain and present all written documentation regarding the disputed charge. Victims should also complete a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Identity Theft Affidavit to substantiate the identity theft claim. Other documents needed to pursue a victim’s action include proof of identity, signature samples, and any other information or documents that support the allegation of identity theft. Hussin Law can help you assemble and organize the evidence of the identity theft in preparation for bringing your lawsuit.

The best part is that Hussin Law does not charge you for legal services, because the creditor will have to pay our attorney’s fees, not you! Contact Hussin Law today for a free consultation.

If You Think Your Rights Have Been Violated, Call 877-631-6627 or send an EMAIL, or submit your request for a FREE CASE EVALUATION. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN. Get A QUALITY ATTORNEY IN YOUR CORNER.
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