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Don’t Tolerate Any More Abuse!  Call 877-631-6627 or email [email protected] TODAY, or Click Here to fill out an online request for a FREE case evaluation.


Debt Collection Abuse - California

You may have fallen upon hard times and having trouble paying your bills, but that doesn’t mean you are a bad person. Your financial condition is embarrassing enough, and you certainly don’t have to tolerate abusive debt collectors and aggressive scare tactics. Collectors are prohibited under federal laws from abusing or harassing consumers.  We can stop your abuser and you may be entitled to up to $1,000 for the unlawful conduct. AT NO COST TO YOU, Tammy will fight for your rights and make the collectors pay for their wrongs.

If you are getting calls at work, if collectors are contacting your family members or friends, if a collector is threatening you, lying to you, or making you feel oppressed or humiliated, Hussin Law CAN help.

Are you getting calls for someone you don’t even know? Did you tell the company they had the wrong number and you’re still getting calls? If the company is violating the TCPA or FDCPA, Hussin Law can stop the annoying calls and help you get the settlement you deserve.

Telephone Harassment Legal Services-California


Are you getting bombarded with Automated Calls from debt collectors or telemarketers? A powerful law, called the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), prohibits unconsented Automated Calls. Tammy Hussin specializes in TCPA law suits and may be able to help you recover $500 PER CALL for violations of the TCPA. That’s right – if a company is calling you in violation the TCPA, you are entitled to $500 per call, and sometimes even more.

Tammy has earned over one million dollars in TCPA settlements, and is here to help you. Hussin Law can help stop the unwanted calls AND can get you a settlement if the TCPA has been violated.


Managing federal student loans can be a nightmare, and the collection agencies that collect federal student loans frequently violate the rights of consumers who can’t keep up with their payments. Hussin Law knows the complicated twists and turns of the Higher Education Act, and can help you if getting harassed or abused for an outstanding federal loan. Even though you owe the United States government, you do not have to tolerate collection abuse, harassment, or humiliation, and Hussin Law can help stop the violations. Tammy Hussin has proven her prowess and knowledge in this complicated area of law, and has successfully gone up against giants like Sallie Mae (Naviant), ECMC, Pioneer Recovery, Performant Recovery, and others. If you feel your rights have been violated, contact Hussin Law today for help. Many companies collecting student loans bombard past due borrowers with automated collection calls, and frequently violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act with repeated calls. If the agency collecting your student loan is violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, you could be entitled to $500 per call.


Just because you fell upon hard times doesn’t mean you can be abused and oppressed by banks and credit card collectors. Tammy Hussin successfully goes up against massive lending institutions and major banks to fight for consumer rights, and has won triple digit settlements for some of her clients. Banks, creditors, and credit card companies are notorious for violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and frequently violate collection laws in their attempts to collect past due accounts. If you are receiving unwanted automated calls from a bank or credit card company, you could be entitled to $500 per call for violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.  If you are getting harassed by a creditor, Hussin Law can protect you against collection abuse under California’s Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and you could be entitled to up to $1,000.00 for collection violations.


In addition to collection abuse and telephone harassment, Hussin Law is dedicated to consumer protection and will aggressively pursue those who violate your rights. Hussin Law can help with a variety of issues, including wrongful recordings of conversations, wrongful credit reporting, wrongful law suits, creditor abuse, or elderly abuse. If you feel your rights have been violated as a consumer in any way, Hussin Law wants to help. Contact Hussin Law for a free consultation.

There’s virtually no risk to you in hiring Tammy to help stop the harassment. The firm does not charge for legal services – the debt collectors must pay your attorney’s fees for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If a case settles under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, attorney’s fees are paid with a percentage of your settlement. Tammy Hussin settled almost every one of her cases, but if she can’t win your case, YOU DON’T OWE A PENNY.

Don’t Tolerate Any More Abuse!  Call 877-631-6627 or email [email protected] TODAY, or Click Here to fill out an online request for a FREE case evaluation.

Every individual case is different and you should not assume your case is the same as anything described on this website, or that you are entitled to recovery based on the information you read on this website. Each case is unique and needs to be reviewed by an experienced consumer protection attorney. If you have questions about your particular facts and/or whether you have a claim, Hussin Law is qualified to analyze your individual situation or you can contact another attorney of your choosing. Nothing on this website should influence your decision to take action or not take action, and you should contact an experienced consumer protection attorney to review the facts of your particular situation.

If You Think Your Rights Have Been Violated, Call 877-631-6627 or send an EMAIL, or submit your request for a FREE CASE EVALUATION. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN. Get A QUALITY ATTORNEY IN YOUR CORNER.
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