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Victims of Bank Fraud

If you had money stolen out of your bank account by a fraudster, your bank is legally obligated to reimburse you for the theft in most situations. This is true even if you gave your account login information to the fraudster! Your bank is required by law to conduct a reasonable investigation into your fraud claim and is required to provide with the results of the investigation on a timely basis.

Many banks do not comply with these legal requirements, and that’s when Hussin Law can step in and help. If you reported unauthorized transaction to your bank and your bank is refusing to reimburse you, contact Hussin Law to discuss the details. Hussin Law can help you get your stolen money back, and you might even be entitled to extra statutory damages.

The best part is that Hussin Law does not charge you for legal services, because the bank will have to pay our attorney’s fees, not you! Call Hussin Law today for a free consultation.

If You Think Your Rights Have Been Violated, Call 877-631-6627 or send an EMAIL, or submit your request for a FREE CASE EVALUATION. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN. Get A QUALITY ATTORNEY IN YOUR CORNER.
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