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California Consumer Rights Attorney Stops Creditor Harassment

California lawyer ends debt collection abuse

Debt collectors and creditors must follow certain laws when contacting you. They cannot harass you by bullying you into paying using any means. Debt collectors must stop calling if you tell them to stop, except for such a reason as advising you that they received your request. Hussin Law will inform you about your rights and how to stop collections calls and seek damages when your rights are violated.

Debt collection and debt collection abuse

Debt collection in and of itself may be necessary, but if you have debt collectors harassing you, that’s illegal, and you have solutions to stop it. You have rights even if you are in debt collection. I will explore your options with you and advocate for you every step of the way.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a federal act that protects you, the consumer, against unfair practices by debt collectors and creditors, including harassment and contacting your friends, relatives or neighbors in an effort to contact you. Debt collectors often use underhanded tactics to scare people into paying a debt, but some of those tactics are not legal. For instance, a debt collector cannot contact any third party about your debt or threaten you with jail time for not paying immediately. Potential relief may include recovery of your garnished wages, up to $1,000 in statutory damages and payment of your attorney fees and costs.

Fair Credit Reporting Act

The Fair Credit Reporting Act dictates rules for those who use your credit report to extend credit to you. It also regulates consumer reporting agencies, such as those that sell your information, including your medical records, check-writing history, and credit bureau and rental history records. Your rights include knowing what is in your credit file and if any of that information has been used against you. I will help you file a complaint against the harassing agency if the information has caused you distress or lost wages.

Telephone harassment and consumer rights

It is a horrible feeling when you look at your cellphone and see an unknown number — you’ve been struggling financially, and you just know it’s a creditor or debt collection agency. Especially when it’s the latter, whatever you do, the results are not going to be good; if you don’t pick up the phone, the agency will just keep calling you, often at inappropriate hours, and if you do answer, you will be bullied. My clients don’t have to deal with this, because debt collectors know that once a lawyer gets involved, they better stop any illegal practices, such as threatening jail time or sending unwanted text messages. Otherwise, they may have to pay hefty fines and compensate you for the harm.

Contact a consumer credit attorney in California who protects your rights

Learn more about your rights as a debtor from Hussin Law, a highly responsive attorney in California. I will use my extensive experience in this area of the law to ensure you get the comprehensive counsel you need to stop creditor harassment, repair your credit or address issues with your credit report. Call 877-631-6627 or contact me online for a free consultation.


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